For Hamburg citizens: Get 33% funding for your new XYZ CARGO bike!

Breaking News from us in Hamburg:

Less cars, more cargo bikes! The city of Hamburg has announced a cargo bike funding program. All citizens of Hamburg can apply for a 33% funding when they buy a new XYZ CARGO TRIKE or BIKE. For an electric cargo bike you can get funding of up to 2.000 EU and for a non-electric cargo bike of up to 500EU.

All you need for your funding application is an official offer from us and a prove that you as a private person or your company / association / NGO is situated in Hamburg.

Write us and we can send you an offer for your desired model. There is funding for three years, 2019-2021. For 2019 the application start is on 15th of October 2019. It makes sense to be fast and get your official offer from us beforehand. Funding principle is: First come, first take.

Detailed Info:…

! Please note: The program is only valid for citizens, NGOs and companies situated in Hamburg !