General Questions


No, there isn’t drawings available for all models: The XYZ CARGO TRIKE, the XYZ CARGO TWOSEATER and the XYZ CARGO BIKE has been developed as  products for sale and no construction drawings are available. Building one of these models requires more in-depth knowledge, which we can only convey at our self-building workshops. The construction drawings for the easy-to-build XYZ ONESEATER can be downloaded for free here. Of course: You can still copy the commercial models for your own non-commercial use according to the CC license. However please respect that it is not allowed to copy the vehicles or principles of them for comercial purposes. Please also note: Due to the huge amount of requests we don’t have the time to facilitate or advise on the details of your self building-projects. People interested in all specifics of the building process are invited to take part in one of our building workshops.


Technical Questions


No, the main frame has been made from aluminium tubes anodised for outdoor use. All bolts and nuts are stainless steel. In order to prevent galvanic corrosion thin plastic washers made from PP are always mounted between the stainless steel parts and the aluminium tubing.

Are XYZ CARGO cycles strong enough for everyday use ?

Yes, all XYZ CARGO cycles have been thoroughly tested in harsh conditions for several years. In all kinds of weather. Carrying heavy loads and several persons at once.
XYZ Aluminum frame: The XYZ construcion principle is a geometric way of making a rigid framework which is stable without triangulation. When extra strengh is required we also triangulate parts of the frame.
Sheeting: all plastic plates are made from transparent break-resistant polycarbonate sheets – a nearly indestructible and lightweight material.

Will the bolts and nuts loosen over time?

No. XYZ CARGO is using locking nuts and Loctite to secure all bolted connections. In addition all meeting points between the tubes get connected with a strong double adhesive tape from 3M. Nonetheless the tape can easily be removed if you want to rebuild your XYZ CARGO frame.