No, there isn’t drawings available for all models: The XYZ CARGO TRIKE, the XYZ CARGO TWOSEATER and the XYZ CARGO BIKE has been developed as  products for sale and no construction drawings are available. Building one of these models requires more in-depth knowledge, which we can only convey at our self-building workshops. The construction drawings for the easy-to-build XYZ ONESEATER can be downloaded for free here. Of course: You can still copy the commercial models for your own non-commercial use according to the CC license. However please respect that it is not allowed to copy the vehicles or principles of them for comercial purposes. Please also note: Due to the huge amount of requests we don’t have the time to facilitate or advise on the details of your self building-projects. People interested in all specifics of the building process are invited to take part in one of our building workshops.


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